Social Publishing is a publishing company with a difference. We are changing the rules on conventional publishing by including a social element. We produce professionally edited ebooks and paperbacks, just like any other professional publisher, the difference is in the selection process. Rather than our team of editors choosing which books we publish, our unique platform allows readers to make those choices.

To get started please, click the sign up / login button at the top right hand side of your screen. You will be able to register with us directly or you can use your existing social media accounts to grant you quick access.

Voting is currently disabled while the site is in beta testing, however once it is live, this is how it will work:

Each month you will be given 5 votes, these votes give you a voice in deciding which manuscripts are published. Your allocation of votes will be refreshed on the first day of every month at midnight (BST).

When you see a story that you like and want to see published, you can vote for it by clicking on the "vote" button at the bottom of the manuscript. Once you have voted, this cannot be undone.

When a manuscript reaches a threshold, the writer will be contacted and awarded a publishing contract and voting on that manuscript will end. We will notify you when the books you vote for are available for purchase

Publication thresholds are deliberately kept secret. This is because we want the system to be as fair as possible, secrecy reduces the likelihood of fraudulent voting and abuse of the platform.

Additionally, the publication thresholds are different for each genre to allow for diversity in the publication schedule. We know that some genres have higher levels of readership and therefore will gather more votes than less mainstream genres. The variation in thresholds allows us to cater to all tastes.

Your work (and any rights to it) remains your own. Uploading your work to this platform does not affect your rights.

Yes, but only if they are set in an alternate universe and names, places and other copyrighted material are changed to avoid copyright infringement.

Once you have logged into your account, you will be able to create your first manuscript by clicking the "write" option in the menu and then clicking the "new manuscript" link. This will take you to our inline editor where you can see exactly how your story will look to other users.

If you want to come back to your story later then please click "save draft", this will save the draft to be edited later.

Currently we require all manuscripts to be submitted in English. We will look at extending this in the future.

Posting a story prevents you from applying any further edits to it, this is to prevent users from altering their story during the voting process. If this has been done in error then please contact us as we have the ability to change your post manuscript back into draft format in order for you to edit.

Your submission of the first three chapters of your story is to give readers a taste of your writing style, characters and plot. It is traditional with many mainstream publishers to submit three chapters in much the same way. Submitting your full story will void your submission.

The activity feed in your account will provide you with a daily update to see which of your manuscripts have received votes. Due to the confidential nature of the voting system you will not see exact numbers. If your manuscript reaches our publication threshold, we will get in touch with details of your contract.

We don't allow user-created artwork to avoid complications with regards to copyrighted materials as well as ensuring the focus remains on the manuscripts and not their associated art.

We have generated three banners per main genre, please select the closest one to the theme of your story.

The site is currently in Beta testing which means that we only allow users to sign up and submit manuscripts at the moment.

Once the site has been sufficiently populated with manuscripts we will open the site for browsing and voting.

Watch this space!

Our editor supports basic formatting such as bold, italic, blockquote and sub-headings. To apply these, simply highlight the text you want to change. The formatting box will appear above your selection.

At Social Publishing we have a team of marketing whizzes and they will work on a bespoke marketing plan for each book depending on genre and audience.

Firstly, we will contact everyone who has voted for that manuscript and let them know that the book is being published. Secondly, we will contact our wider audience who are interested in that genre and advise them too.

Outside of our own database we will hit social media, provide ARC copies to key blogs and booktubers, add the books to our rotation of PPC advertising and speak to our existing contacts in the publishing world to get the word out.