Vampire Angel

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1476 - Darius Mate is a 23 year-old roman living during the Black Plague.Now with death at his door steps, he breaks up the engagement with his long time friend and fiancé (Xanty). All he wants is to die a peaceful death by himself. But what he didn't expect was the male beauty of Marcus Valer sitting on his porch. He's a vampire, he turned me ~I'm saved from the plague~ and he's no where to be found.There has never been a half bread of a vampire-angel...and now that there is one, everyone in the underground wants to make more.2016 - While trying to stop Kith Rom from creating anymore half breads, Darius crossroads with Marcus for the first time ever since he was left to go though his turning without anyone. Seeing him again starts to stir up feeling he has berried all those years ago...and it looks like Marcus feels the same...


Dear Readers,

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know what your thinking: Vampire Angel? But I thought angels are supposed to be pure hearted not soulless? Wouldn't vampires kill angels? Blah blah blah blah blah.

So let me put you at ease....yes I'm an angel that got turned into a vampire. A mistake. But I'm not dead. Yet. I still have a soul despite what everyone thinks about vampires not having souls. The only difference between a regular angel/vampire and I is that I have both wings & fangs, also I can eat regular food without barfing it up.

Anyways if you where wondering (which you are)....I'm the only vampire angel to ever live. And how do I know this you may ask....well I guess you just have to wait and see....


Darius Matie

P.S.. There are going to be some very interesting don't go anywhere.

1476 - Marcus

I lay in bed, hands leased behind my head looking at my ceiling."Gods, I feel like death himself.", I say to no one in particular. I chuckle at the irony of what I just said. I'm already dyeing - Slowly of course...because I'm an angel. Angels can heal faster but the Black Plague....even angels have to die. Plus I'm still in the first stages but soon I'll be dead. The fucking black death finally got me.


All of my family died when I was 14 because of the bubonic plague.

I was left to survive on my own.

At 8 we lost my older brother, Pablo, he was 16 when he got the black plague and was the first to go. A year later it was my mother, Aeliana. her death was the one that struck us hard. In the years to come my older sisters became well known trouble makers. Lucian & Ana, they became well known con-artists/robbers. There time was up....

When I was 12 they both got sick and died. It's funny how that works....they did everything together. Even die. We all knew that if one twin dies without the other...theres nothing to life for. Right?

Anyways by now you must be wondering where my dearest old papa is.....well here's a clue. It's down the street from our house...nothing? Okay, I'll tell you. Just look at the bar down the street from our house and you'll find him there. Drunk. Ever since mama died hes been drinking. Always.

Exactly on my 13th birthday, my father (Octavian) killed himself.

Presents given to me.... (1) New clothes from Ms.Baric. (2) A double bladed sword from Mr.Teranius. (3) A a new sealer ring to keep my wings in check - from my love, Xanty. (4) Foced to watch my father die.

Don't get me wrong- I didn't want to watch him do it....that old basterd made me watch him. Yeah, horrific...right? Happy 13th birthday to me.

Ever since that day my life went down just like my father....


That's why I broke it off and also broke her heart. "I should have told her the truth..." But then what? "...she still would have stayed...and suffer the same as I did." I sighed roll onto my stomach. I growl loudly into my pillow.

Bang bang bang!

The sound reverberates throughout my small two bedroom house I bought three years back...when my childhood home became to much to endure. I groan into the pillow but reluctantly get off my comfy bed. As I make my way towards the front door, I stop.

I'm looking at my reflection in the mirror that hangs in the hallway. I'm 5'9 toned not built, with short blond hair that contrasts with my blue/green eyes. But I don't see that....what I see is a pail sick man.

Bang bang BANG!

The sound snaps me out of my thoughts. "Yeah, yeah! I'm coming!", I yell at the door. Who could it be? The only friend I have- had is Xanty....and well...BANG! "For gods sake man hold your hors-" My words die in my mouth as I stare blankly.

On my doorstep sits a man, his back facing me...but there is something else - something about him that made me just....stop. "Hello?", say still staring blankly at the man. What does he want? I have nothing to offer, I'm already a dyeing man. "Um, did you knock? Do I know you?", I ask to his broad muscled shoulders, back. I'm starring to get annoyed but not at the probably good looking fairly young man that looks strong, built. No. I'm annoyed at myself. I swore to never have those types of....feelings. Never.

Abruptly the man stands up, facing me. I'm surprised to see that I was right, he's beautiful and.... "Gods, your drenched." Before I can stop I add, "Come in." I beckon him inside and shut the door behind us as it begins to rain harder again.

Once inside I gesture for him to follow me. At the kitchen I finally break the silence, "Okay, do you want some leftover soup or just tea?" I turn to see what he wants but he's just staring blankly at me. Okay. "Um...I'm going to get you some dried clothes..." I cock my head to the side, finally having a chance to look at his body without feeling guilty. "You look about my size but you more...built so my clothes might fit you a bit tight." I clear my throat."Follow me to the guest can change out of your wet clothes there." He nods and makes a hand gesture, still not talking. I eye him suspiciously but....I sense nothing bad from him. Weird.

As I make my way back with clean clothes for...wait, I don't know his name...I pass the mirror that hands in the hallway between my bedroom door and the guestroom. It still shows a sick man as I pass by. I look worse than when I opened the door for my guest. I snort as I enter the room. "What?", a velvety voice says. I turn my gaze up to find the man staring at me, a smile playing on his lips. He's almost completely naked...a blanket covering most of his torso. I clear my throat and say with a surprisingly calm voice, "It's just..." I chuckle, shrug then add with a sigh, "Never" I hand him the clean clothes and walk out of the room without another word, giving him privacy as I close the door behind me.

Five minutes later, he finally comes out, wet clothes in hand. "Um, what do I do with these?", he says with that velvety voice. Gods his voice. "Yes, can put them on one of the chairs..." I point to a chair. "So, this might sound kind of weird because well...I already let you into my house and all but - what's your name?" I give him a sheepish smile. He smiles back showing perfect white teeth. Wait...does he have fangs? "Well its okay...", he says sighing and plops onto the chair across from me, he continues...oblivious to my inner turmoil. " name is Marcus Valer." He holds out a hand and smiles again. I swear I saw fangs. I smile back at him taking his hand in mine saying, "Darius Matie." Marcus looks down at  our joined hands, his smile widening even more. "What a beautiful ring...what does the symbol mean?", he says letting go of my hand, still smiling down at my ring. He has cold soft hands, I'm just going to tell him part of the truth. I clear my throat. He finally looks up at me.... our eyes meet, his eyes are gold with a beautiful red rimming the edges. Gods help me. I clear my throat again, I avert my eyes choosing to look down at my ring instead. The ring given to me by Xanty. The ring that meant, means everything to me. Xanty doesn't know I'm an angel, I was going to tell her but....the fucking Black Death.

The noise of someone clearing there throat snaps me back to reality. I look up to find Marcus staring at me. "Um, sorry. I was just..." I cough. "This symbol means 'to hide' or 'keep hidden'." I smile. "So what are you hiding?", he smirks. I snort," Something that can -"

Thump thump!

I furrow my browns together, confused. Trying to remember..."Xanty.", I say calmly as I stand up and go to open the door. But before opening the door I say, finally looking at Marcus, "It's my....friend."

Without another word to him I open the door to find a drenched Xanty on the other side. "Um...", she's looking at something over my shoulder. I turn my head to see Marcus standing at the kitchen entrance. Scowling. At Xanty? Or me? I give him a quizzical eyebrow and turn back to face Xanty who is scowling back. At Marcus. "Xanty, what do you want?", I say colder than intended. She blinks twice, and turns to face me. "Yes, I just...I want my - the ring back." Is she talking about the engagement ring? Or maybe...? I look down at my hand where my sealer ring is. "No.", I look up determined not to give something up. Something that means the world to me. Xanty finally meats my gaze, anger in her eyes and something else.....hope?

"Why not?!", she yells at me, her face Turing red with anger. Venom entering her voice she says, "Darius you kept the house and the money you gave me....well I don't give a flying shit about that! Gods....why will you not give me that ring?" She sighs but plunges on anyway. "That ring..." She points to the ring, my ring. "....probably means more to me that it does to you!" If only she knew that this ring reminds me of her love, of my family, of my kind....

I look down at the ring again. The symbol that helps me keep my greatest secret. I look at the ring as it disappears and reappears as I rub my thumb over it. I'm a horrible ex-lover, fiance, friend....because all I could do at that moment is laugh. I laugh at everything that's gone down this past week but especially, I laugh at....well my life. Shitiest life ever.

The Turning

I snort at Xanty exasperated, now not knowing what to do. I look back at Marcus to see him smiling at me like as if laughing cruelly at my ex-fiancé is something to smile about.

Xanty clears her throat loudly making me turn to her but I don't get to turn my head completely because she back hand slaps me across my head with a loud POP! Probably leaving a huge red mark on my cheek. I reflexively put a hand to my cheek assessing the damage. Just stings. I look at her my eyes going wide with surprise. In all the time I known her she has never hit anyone. I open my mouth to say something important but nothing. I try two more times opening and closing my mouth looking like a fish out of water. She sighs heavily, her shoulders visibly going down. "Goodbye Darius.", she says glancing at Marcus and then at me finally leaving. For good? I wonder if she really meant it.... "Okay, so that just happened.", he says loudly clasping his hands together.