Caught Undercover: A Footprint In The Night

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        Caught Undercover Synopsis Caught Undercover Series Book Titles:Book 1: Caught Undercover: A Footprint In The NightBook 2: Caught Undercover: Faster Than A ShadowBook 3: Caught Undercover: Under The CoversFifteen year old, MATT CARSON, has never really had parents. Matt feels abandoned as his parents, DANIEL and AMANDA CARSON, are always away on ‘business trips’ as they tell Matt, however Matt feels a sense of bewilderment as he knows his parents are telling him lies. Little does Matt know that his parents are actually undercover agents, fighting crime for the WEA, the Worldwide Enforcement Agency whom barely any one knows about as it is a secret, not even half the government. Matt travels to his school, Brooklayne Academy, but always feels like he's being watched, however Matt would rather be out rather than at school where bullies such as SCOTT DUNCAN await him. Matt gets on best with his science teacher, who on a strange day was being assessed by a strange man, whom Matt later discovers is a scout for the WEA. Matts parents were sent, by the agency, to carry out a man hunt for one of the worlds most dangerous man, GÜNTER GUESTAV a German killer who recently has been bombing London. German officials and the WEA agency have teamed up to find Gunter, however when they do it is not the type of meeting they expected. As Matt is tied to a chair after being taken in the night and tortured all morning for answers about an agency that Matt knew nothing about. If Matt wasn't scared enough he was when Günter pulled a table cloth from a desk that bared an assortment of guns, knives and torturous weapons. Günter chose the Hun and gave Matt three seconds to talk about the WEA agency. It was down to the last second when Matt was rescued by a WEA team, who shot Gunter at the last minute, with Gunters son, RUESO GUESTAV, watching. This made Rueso angry and want revenge, as he blames Matt for his fathers death. Once at the agency, Matt is finally told the truth about his parents occupation, but with truth comes responsibility as Matt finds out that his parents have lost connection with the base, so they could have been captured or worse. This worries the agency that Daniel and Amanda could be dead, as they knew too much, and carry almost all of the information about the agency, not only that but they were the best agents in the agency, so they were very valuable and were dear friends of MALCOM, the leader of the WEA. Matt agrees to train with the agency in order to save his parents as the agency have worked out a cunning plan of how Matt can do this. By going undercover and pretending to be Ruesos best friend, so that Rueso will invite him in to his home and Matt can gather clues as to what Günter did with his parents. This wouldn't be so hard if only LUCIANO, Günters hit man, hadn't now taken over the house and Günters revenge plan. When Matt is ready, Matt and his trainers, WILL, SCARLET, DYLAN and LEON, are sent to a house in Central London, each of them with a different name and Matt with a different appearance. Once in the household, after an epic shooting outside the school, involving Matt, we find out that these bombings started because the villain lost his daughter due to an unexploded bomb that this agency sent his daughter to unwind. This agency was the agency Matt now works for, this is why the villain is after him, and now why Rueso after him, as revenge for the death of his sister, as they feel like the agency killed her on purpose when they could have stopped her from doing such a dangerous task, they could have helped her.We soon find out the truth about ruthless Leon, as he is a part of the villains side, and that he was sent to watch Matt and report back to Luciano, however in the second book we discover that Leon is playing Luciano, and that he wanted to keep Malcom in touch with what he was planning. Malcom chose to keep it a secret from Matt and his other trainers, so when Matt shoots Leon through rage and hatred, he finally finds out the truth which only makes him more angry and deceived. The three books continue forward, Matt slowly getting close to Rueso when the ultimate task is given. Matt finds his parents, but it is sadly not all good news. Matt find his Mum in a body bag, cold, bruised and life-less. He finds his Dad in chains, barely alive, he sends his Dad out with a trainer and Matt plans to kill persuade Rueso to no longer carry out these plans. Now that he is alone he makes his way in to a small room where Rueso is waiting with a bomb about to go off, Matt has an important decision on what to do next.This story plot is spread out over three books.


“Danny! Where is the next bomb set?” Amanda hurried.

Daniel and Amanda; Mr. and Mrs. Carson, were not the average parents living next door. They were different. They had met when they were put on a mission together. You see, Daniel and Amanda were agents; special undercover agents caught into the life of a spy. How did they get in to such a rough business? Well, Matt didn't know. He didn't know anything about his parents. Being the son of Amanda and Daniel, he was a bright child growing up; growing up alone. Daniel and Amanda had decided to keep their profession secret, away from Matt. They didn't want him to get hurt by even knowing about the agency, as someone out there would try and kill him.

“Into this room. Have your guns ready.” Daniel ordered.

Daniel and Amanda were setting up their guns, taking the safety catch off ready in case someone was inside the room. They had been sent on a mission that the government didn't want anyone else to know about, and that is why the agency chose Matt's parents for this task. They were the best at their jobs. Daniel was very smart. He could disable a bomb in the matter of seconds; he was quick minded. Not only did his mind come in handy, but he was also athletic and thin. He had been trained to build muscular strength and to plan in all cases of his missions. Open air; a room; even getting on a train he'd always be thinking of an escape route or places to hide. He had brown hair that was shaved short at the sides but more full atop his crown. His eyes were a dark green, and he wore contacts. He needed glasses but had to wear contacts for undercover work, by order of the agency.

Amanda was different to Daniel being the more harsh, unafraid and uptight person. She could be a kind soul but when she was training or on missions, she'd never be afraid to gun someone down if needed. However, she knew the risks of this and had learned to control herself. She didn't have anger problems as such but liked things to be in a certain way. She was of the most strong minded ladies Daniel had ever known; one of the things he loved about her, just like her beauty. She had shoulder length blonde hair that was always straightened; brown eyes, a deep brown. She wasn't as smart as Daniel but was very feisty and always got to the point. The couple both wore black as a total must for their job.

The mission they had been sent on wasn't the average mission on a regular basis. Not the odd killer or the few drug dealers no, this was serious. Someone in London had been bombing hospitals, train lines, stations; even underwater! What's worse is that the murderer would stack up the dead people and put them on show as a warning to those who passed by. This person wanted the townsfolk to be afraid. After four months of tracing this person, they had finally found him. A German man, with black hair and brown eyes and a big build. His posture was bent, his smile was crooked and his laugh was terrifying.

Daniel and Amanda had made their way into an underground compartment. Sitting above them was the London eye, one of the main tourist attractions. If that bomb went off, not only would many innocent lives be killed but London would be destroyed.

Daniel and Amanda were running out of time. They were just about to head inside the room with the bomb inside, when Amanda heard something. Footsteps. Getting closer and closer. Edging their way silently towards them.

“Amanda!” Daniel called out.



Out of breath. Running. Pain in my right leg. Why does this keep happening? I'd just left my house travelling to my school, when I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around but no one was there! So I carried on even though I was sure someone was behind me, breathing on me. I felt a cold wind on the right side of my neck, even though the weather is sunny with no wind. This isn't the first time I've felt like I'm being watched, it always happens. When I'm out; whether I'm at the park or walking home; heading to school-everywhere.

Things just keep getting more and more strange. It's not fun having absolutely no one to turn to. Everyone should have someone that they can go to in need of help or answers but for me, I'm on my own. I always have been, I always will be.

I wish my parents were here to help. I wish they were here just to say, “Hey.” But they're not, they're never here.

Whenever they go away, it's always been on business trips so they say. The longest they've been away before is five months, not ten! It's been ten months since I've seen them, nearly a whole year. They've always travelled but why bring a kid into that?

Some days I start to wonder if I'll ever see them again. I'm not so sure if they really do go away on business trips, or if it's just that they don't care. I haven't seen them, I don't know where they are and it's always my au pair and I at home alone. My au pair is really nice, her name's Vanessa. She's young, tall. Dark skinned, dark brown eyes, black straight hair and in her thirties. She's a friend of my parents actually. I've talked to her about them, she said that they met in school, my mum and Vanessa are best friends.

My legs are still in pain but I manage to arrive at school, feeling a little safer. My foot catches a newspaper, which I pick up to read the front cover stating;

'Bomb Spree continues'

People have been terrorizing London for weeks, but nobody knows who or why. My school is devastated by the news. My school Brooklayne Academy, is one of the hardest schools to get into around my area. You have to get in through either a sports test, or to be gifted and talented in something else. For me, I got in through science. I love science. It's a great subject, realizing how the world is made and how science can affect our everyday life. I just find every part of it amazing; atomic structures, measuring the earth's orbit around the sun, even about the digestive system. I find it all so interesting.

“Look everyone! It's Matt the prat!” I hear his voice mocking me, like he does every day.

Scott Duncan, the toughest most nastiest boy in school, is standing there with his little group of girls and followers, just staring. His look is quite charming. If he got rid of his crap personality then he'd actually be pretty cool. However, with Scott, you either need to be popular or well known for a good reason just to be 'worth his time'. His light blue eyes and dark blonde hair; short on the sides but with a thick fringe covering his forehead, jelled to the side; drives the girls in my school crazy. That doesn't matter to me though, the girls in my school aren't worth my time. In fact, I despise all of them because they believe that to be known as a good person, you have to be popular-which in my opinion, is completely ridiculous! That is why Scott hates me, because I'm just that 'science nerd' or 'freak'. I don't care what anyone here has to say. To be honest I'm only here for my education and because I have to be. My dad came to this school, so I need to do him proud, in all of my subjects. It's the one thing that has actually kept me on track to getting good grades.

I'm debating in my head whether to go over to him, throw a punch, and walk away swiftly...though if I do that I'll be put in isolation again. It's happened before, another reason why Scott hates me most of all. I can handle the everyday taunting that's now become normal, but when someone starts to talk about my parents; spreading rumours that they've left and are never coming back because they don't love me, that's where I draw the line. Scott said those things soon as I found out I not only put my fist through a window, but I also put it around Scott's face. The teachers had to break us apart and I got put into isolation for a week, no one even listened to what I had to say!

I hate teachers like that, absolutely hate them. The ones who always put the blame on the people who are at the wrong place at the wrong time, or the person who did the 'crime' but had a good reason for it. I know I shouldn't of acted in that way but I can't deal with people talking about my parents, even I don't like to talk about them.

“Leave me alone Scott! Go back to your ignorance meetings! You and your little posse don't need to ruin my day!” I shout back.

I'm already late to registration so I decide to head over to the science lab early. I love having science first, it always brightens up my day for the hour. The science lab is located at the back of the school, behind the lake. It's not that far to walk, so I slump past the fellow students of my year and try to ignore the sneers they all give me.

I can't wait till I go to an all science college. With just another year to go I'll be done with this place. Science college is going to be different. People there don't bother about whether you're cool or not as they only care about the brains.

“And here comes my star pupil! Please, everybody welcome...Matt Carson!” My teacher Mr. Rontell, is practically the craziest teacher in my entire school.

He's tall and thin with a very defined face where big black glasses sit, matching his black hair. He claps as I enter first into class as usual, with a huge grin beaming from ear to ear. The science lab is big, with Bunsen burners already set out. Looks like we're going to be doing some practical things today. Great!

“How have you're holidays been, Matt?” Mr. Rontell asks.

I'm not quite sure what to say to that, I could go with the 'Yeah, I've been doing great!' or the long reply of 'Ummmmm' or maybe the truth. I've got nothing to hide from Mr. Rontell. If I was in some sort of trouble, I'd turn to him for help.

“Parents haven't been home in ten months now. What a nice life I have.” I sarcastically state.

Mr. Rontell is the only teacher in my school that I've told about my parents being away. Except for the head of years who have to know and the people at the office, he's the one person I can actually talk to about this.

It's funny really, Mr. Rontell is the only teacher who has actually given me a chance. It's not like I'm shy, just depressed. That sets you back a lot. Well, this is a typical fifteen year old life.

“Wouldn't you like to just go out and find them?” Mr. Rontell asks, leaning in a little and holding my gaze.

That thought has crossed my mind every day since they've been away, what if I just ran away to find them?

I probably couldn't do it. I don't know where they are, who they're with or even if they're in the same country as I am right now.

London. It's nice and big and I love it, but it just feels like it's missing something or that I'm missing something about it.

“Actually Sir, that thought has crossed my mind everyday so far. But come on, let's be honest-I wouldn't exactly get very far, they might not even be in this country for all I know.”

Students have started to fill the room, so Mr. Rontell moves away from me and stands in the front of the class. I find my seat and get out my books.

“Can everyone come around to the front of the room please?” Mr. Rontell asks, he must be showing us something, but he has nothing set up.

I slowly tread to the front of my table and sit, but of course no one else sits near me. In fact, I get a few glares from the bitches and bastards in my class. Suddenly a man walks in, through the door like he's been standing there the whole time. He's nicely built and tall, with slick black hair jelled nicely back from his head. He wears thick black glasses to match his bushy eyebrows, so remembering his face would be impossible.

“Everyone. Mr. Richen will be sitting in on this class today. Pay him no attention, just act as you normally would. He's accessing me, not you.”

I've never seen or heard of this teacher before. Who is he?

Taking his briefcase to the back of the class and setting himself out on an empty desk, he readies his notebook and pen.

Mr. Rontell has surprisingly given us book work today, everyone else moans as Scott hands out the books.

“One for you, one for you...” Scott says, going around to every person, except for me. “And, none for you.” He pauses at me and heads back with the books still left in his hand. If I was in my own little world, I'd have Scott locked up in a cage. Forever.

I get up and travel over to the place where Scott dumped the science textbooks, the man sitting in, Mr. Richen nudges me when I reach them.

“Doesn't that make you angry?” He casually asks, staring at me intensively.

“'Course it does. That bastard needs to learn how to shut his mouth.” I realize that I'm saying these things about another pupil in the same class, using these terms of language in front of a teacher. “Oh I'm sorry Sir, we don't talk like that at this school. Uh, Mr. Rontell's a fantastic teacher.” I babble.

“Oh no doubt he is, now get back to your seat.” Mr. Richen instructs. His tone is dark and shady, which matches his dark, piercing eyes and clearly dyed black hair as he takes off his glasses.

“Yes Sir.” I mutter, finding my seat once again and flipping to the page number Mr. Rontell has written on the board. I can't believe I'm going to be spending my hour of supposed happiness working through a book, in my favourite lesson. Damn this sucks. And everyone else sucks too. All except Mr. Rontell, and I suppose Mr. Richen seems all right too.

Ten minutes go by, and Scott's already snogging Michaela's face off, at the back of the class. Michaela his girlfriend, is quite frankly a bitch. She's on the cheer-leading team, the hockey and netball team and she's trying out for the cross-country team. She's gorgeous, even though I hate to admit it. She never used to be cold and mean, about three-years ago, at the start of year seven, she was the most nicest, caring person I've ever met. Me and her used to be really good friends, and then she started to get popular, really popular. Started to join all these clubs and fantasise over boys like Scott. They soon started to date, and now they can't keep their hands off each other, it's so disturbing.

Mr. Richen starts to walk around the tables, going through people's work, and Mr. Rontell is quietly humming at the front, hovering over his desk, like he usually does.

I gaze at the clock and let the minutes tick away.

Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.

My mind starts to become heavy and I can faintly hear the sound of my heart, I think back to the time when Mum and Dad were last home, after a previous business trip. They were gone for three weeks and it was a surprise to arrive home from school and see Mum cooking some pancakes and Dad on the couch, watching the football.

I was tearing up by the time Mum came to say hi. I hate it when they leave. Vanessa isn't mean or rude, and we get on really well. She's the closest thing I have to a family right now, but she's not my family. Most days I feel like I'm just being baby-sat.

“What's your name son?” I jump as Mr. Richen peeks over my shoulder.

“Matt.” I vaguely answer.

“You like science?” He takes a seat next to me, just another thing that Scott can use to bully me, Matt the prat doesn't have any friends so Mr. Richen has to try and make an effort.

That's what they'll say.

“Yeah, I love it. Only thing I'm good at really.”

“Nah, that's not true. Anyway good work, keep it up son.” Mr. Richen praises.

He slowly wonders away to talk to Mr. Rontell at the front of the class. We've had visitors come to our lessons before, but never someone like Mr. Richen. He seems different, the way he walks and talks and how he kept calling me 'son'. I hate that word. It just points out the involvement of having a father.

Time starts to progress on and on, and I've already finished the work in the book. So I lean my head on the table and shut my eyes, ready to have a quick five-minute snooze. The voices around me are loud but soon enough I manage to block them out until everything is silent. A few pens are thrown at me but I just ignore them and think back to the good memories of Mum and Dad. My mind fades away and soon enough I'm in a vivid nightmare.

I'm back at home, sitting in my room, Mum and Dad burst through the door with presents and arms spread out wide. We're all laughing and Vanessa is holding a bag of flowers in her hands as she passes them over to Mum. They're hugging and smiling and everything seems great, but then we hear an explosion. The floor starts to rumble and then another explosion, and another! By this time I've dropped to the ground and Dad is lying over me, to keep me away from any harm.

“Dad! Dad what just happened?” I cough.

The house has swarmed with black smoke and it seems like the roof on one side of the room has caved in.

I'm waiting for a reply from Dad but I don't hear anything, he's silent.

“Dad?” I speak again, but there is no reply.

“Dad?!” I scream, but the words don't reach his ears.

I slide him off of me and look down at his pale, limp face. His eye is bleeding and blood is running down from his head.

“DAD?!?!” I scream again but there is no reply, so I check for a pulse. I'm desperately searching for a beat, but there is nothing. No pulse. No breath. Nothing.

Then suddenly I hear a shallow moan from the other side of the room, where the ceiling has collapsed. I can faintly see Mum's legs, trapped underneath a mass of wood and rubble.

“Mum!” I scream.

She pulls me close, her hands are fragile and shaking and her face is pale, just like Dad's was. “I love you, son. I love you.” She whispers.

My eye's start to flood with tears, dropping on her colour-less cheeks. “I love you too Mum. Just stay with me okay? I'm gonna get help.” I feel her drop beside me, she's not answering. Her eyes are still, and her head is heavy. “Mum?”

There is no reply.

“MUM!” I scream, only to find myself back in my science class, everyone laughing at me.

“Class dismissed! Get out of my classroom!” Mr. Rontell demands.

I sit there, head on the table, just thinking about how for the next few years of school I'm going to get even more bullied for screaming 'Mum' in front of my science class.

I feel a hand on my shoulder. Mr. Rontell has swayed beside me.

“Nightmares? I used to get them.” He confesses.

“I'm fine.” I state.

“Oh yeah? That your first time having that nightmare?” Mr. Richen croaks.

“No. Not it isn't”

Mr. Rontell takes a stool and sits on the other side of the table whilst Mr. Richen leans on the radiator.

“Is it the same dream each night?” Mr. Rontell wonders.

“Well no. They're always different dreams but in the end of all of them, my parents die.”

Mr. Richen wanders out of the classroom and Mr. Rontell is looking in to my eyes intently. He breaks his gaze and shakes his head a little. “You may go now.”

The rest of the day went smoothly, however all I could think about was Mr. Rontell and Mr. Richen. They were acting so strange. It was almost as if they both knew that I had nightmares and that they knew it was about my parents.

As I walk out to the front of the school, I hear Scott mocking me.


“Wet the bed? Stopped that years ago, too bad for you though, right Scott? You'll never stop cracking the mirrors in your house.” I sneer.

Scott leaves his followers and starts to walk up behind me, this isn't going to be good. “What did you just say to me?” He threatens.

I turn around quickly, Scott has puffed out his chest and chin, to look like he's a bigger man. He's got his hand in his pocket, like he's holding something. I turn back around and begin to walk away, but I can hear his footsteps following me.

“You heard me, leave me alone. I'm trying to go home and get out of your way.”

“Oh yeah, get out of my way like your bloody mother and father who wanted you out of their way. But where are they now, Pratty? They're dead. And you ain't never gonna see them again.”

I snap. I turn around fist at the ready, but then I see what Scott has taken out of his pocket. A knife. About four inches long. And he's holding it out towards me.

“Scott. Don't be stupid, that isn't a toy. Put it away.” I urge, but he doesn't listen, he just steps closer.

“Aw, you scared?” He mocks.

Someone behind Scott has rushed past him and accidentally knocked him towards me, he flies forward, still aiming the knife at my chest, I quickly dodge but Scott flies off the pavement and out in to the road ahead. A car hasn't noticed him so it keeps driving, gaining speed. Scott stares at the car in horror as it flies down towards him, only ten metres away now.

“Scott, get out of the road!” Someone shouts but he doesn't get up, the car is too close for him to get up.

I quickly rush out, grab him by his school shirt and throw him back on the pavement, the car's horn fills my ears and for a slight moment I'm almost certain I hear Mum's voice, telling me to get up. I just about manage to dive on to pavement on top of Scott, who is panting on the ground.

Luckily, no teachers are around to have seen that, I get off of Scott and stare down at him.

“Next time, I'll get a 'Thank you'.”

I arrive back home and Vanessa greets me with hot chocolate.

“So, how was school?” She asks, as I dump my bag down on the couch.

“Same old shit.” I reply.

I don't dare think about telling Vanessa about nearly getting in to a fight with Scott. She hates him. Like I said, Vanessa is quite young, or looks young for her age and Scott, he can be forward with older woman. At open evening, last year, he tried to make out with Vanessa, right in front of me and Michaela. Vanessa quickly turned away from him before Scott could press his lips on hers, and Michaela, well, she went ballistic. Started shouting at him in front of the parents and students. It was a little funny to see Michaela so embarrassed, Scott just standing there gawking at her, and Vanessa looking at him like he's a little kid who just wet himself.

If I told Vanessa about Scott, she'd be straight down to the principals office, especially since he had a knife.

“I think I'm gonna go park, space out for a bit.” I tell her.

“Be back before six!” She calls out to me, before I shut the door.

Scott pisses me off, why does he have to get in my head? I haven't even done anything to him, he just picks on me because he's a bully. I can't stop thinking about that dream in class. When my parents died, but I should be used to it by now, it happens every night, but different scenario's. One night, they drown. Another they die in a fire or maybe in another someone shoots them. Either way, they die.

I sit quietly on a park bench, shaded by a tree, when I feel like I'm being watched. The hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I suddenly feel nervous.

Should I run or just wait here?

I decide to stay at the park bench because every other time when I've heard footsteps or felt like someone's been watching me, I've ran. But not this time, if someone is following me, then why shouldn't I let them for a change? I can see what these bastards want then.

The park is filled with children and parents but at the bench where I am sitting, I am distant from them. My eyes scan the park to look for anyone staring at me, even a figure but I see nothing.

I was about to leave when I saw him.

A figure in the distance, leaning on a tree just staring at me.

For a minute I don't know what to do, whether to stare him out or not. Who is he?

I knew I wasn't wrong about people following me, I knew it. My phone starts to ring and as I check the time I'm not surprised that Vanessa is calling me, ready to ask me where I am. It's gone past six, nearly half past. Time must have gotten away from me whilst being here. I look back over to the tree, but the man has disappeared.

“Matt? Matt? Are you listening?” Vanessa speaks on the other end of the phone.

“Uhhh...Yeah. Yeah sorry, time got ahead of me. I'm on my way home now.”

When I reach home and walk through the door, Vanessa has dinner set up at the table already but I can't eat. I'm not hungry so I refuse her meal and travel straight to bed. I'm being stalked, and it's making me wonder why?

At half past nine at night my phone starts to vibrate. I barely ever get calls to my mobile, I have no friends so who would call me? The number says 'Unknown' and I quickly think back to the park, and this morning. Always feeling like I'm being watched. My hands shake a little as I press the cell phone to my ear.

“Uhh...Hello?” I stutter into the phone, waiting for a reply.

I can hear someone's shallow breath, as they listen to my voice.

“Matt. You don't know me,” The voice begins, “But I know you, and you're in danger.”

What danger could I possibly be in? Of all people me, I'm of no use to the world, why would anyone apart from Scott want to be a danger to me?

“What are you talking about?” I question, slightly worried.

“I know how you feel. I can see in to your brain. You need to tell Vanessa about these people you feel are watching you.” The mysterious voice breathes.

The thought has occurred to me that this is most probably a scam. Probably Scott or one of his mates trying to pull a prank on me, just so they can have another good laugh at me, so that they can post this call around the school and the whole school can laugh at me for it. Maybe even the teachers.

“Ha ha, very funny. Who is this? Go find something useful to do with your life please, instead of annoying me.” I blatantly urge.

“I knew you'd think this a joke. Please talk to Vanessa. Just, be on guard for the next week, please. For your own safety...and Vanessa's.” The voice cuts off, and I am left thinking about those last words.

Why should I tell Vanessa?

It's probably nothing, I bet it's just my mind being self-conscious of itself. I don't want Vanessa to worry about me, there is nothing to worry about. I'm not telling her, and I bet that was Scott. It didn't sound like him, but it was probably one of his mates. I hate them, and I hate my school and I hate my life. I flick the television on by remote on the crime watch side, and slowly let my thoughts consume me until my mind is resting.

I don't remember falling asleep, but it's gone past midnight and I've been woken up by the sound of floor boards creaking, getting louder, closer to my room. Vanessa isn't normally up this late.

My breath starts to get faster, as I start to panic. I'm hardly in appropriate wear, being shirtless with tacky, grey pyjama bottoms. My room is pitch black but the air feels colder, the creaking of the floor boards are getting louder, and my door slowly creaks open. I can only see a figure in the doorway slightly, but as my door shuts behind the figure that has just stepped inside my room, I shiver. Slowly reaching out for the baseball bat kept beside my bed..

“Who's there?” I ask, nervously.

No reply. The figure steps closer, so close that I can hear his shady breath and see the balaclava that he wears. “Vanessa!” I shout, out of panic, swinging for the intruders head, but he dodges.

The next thing I know, the figure has grabbed me and has put something over my head, so I can't see a thing. At first I start to freak out but then I feel a quick stabbing in the top half of my right arm, and slowly I start to black out.


I wake in an abandoned room, much like a cellar, only larger and freezing cold. The walls are steel-like and plain, I feel like I'm stocked in a freezer. My wrists and ankles are tied to a chair, which is firmly in the ground so that I can't move or get away. What do these people want?

My right arm hurts but as I remember I was stabbed there, I look down only to find a dot in my arm, which has swelled up to look massive, it looks like they've been putting needles in me.

The light is faced in to my eyes, flickering on and blindng me so much that it hurts to open them. I am forced to keep them shut, just listening to the steps of someone coming in to the room.

“What do you want with me?” I ask, trying to sound brave but my voice quivers.

I hear no response, and instead I feel another stabbing in my arm, the left one this time, which makes me cry out in pain.

“Stop! Stop please!” I urge.

“Tell us what you know or I will kill you.” A man, with a heavy German tone in his voice, struggles to say in English.

“I...I don't know what you're talking about. Please.” I struggle, breathlessly.

“You will tell me!” He roars, as I feel him stick another needle in to my arm, “What agency do you work for?” He shouts, spitting in my face.

What agency is he talking about? I don't know anything!

He must be the person that's been following me around, he's been stalking me!

I start to get very curious and panic a little as my arms start to feel drained and numb. He's injecting me with something. But what?

“For the last time, I don't know anything!” I spit back at him.

I hear a second and third pair of footsteps in the room, but I still can't open my eyes as the light still blinds me, even with my eyes forced shut.

“Is this him?” A deeper, more heavy and foreign voice talks.

“Y..Yes. This is him Sir.”

I can hear footsteps coming closer towards me, closing in on my breath. A heavy scent of alcohol fills my nose, along with the scent of cigars and smoke.

“Has he spoken yet?” He sneers, whilst dragging a heavy paw of a hand across my right cheek.

“Don't you touch me!” I spit.

He drops his hand only for a slight moment, and then the burning across my face again and again, stings as he claws his sharp nails in to my skin.

“Stop!” I scream, before a final slap can reach my face.

“Know your place boy!” He curses.

The light from my eyes flickers off and it takes a while for my eyes to re-adjust, but as they do so slowly I can make out the people around me. A medium height, tanned skinned man is slouched over leaning on a wall in the corner. He glares at me with his piercing, green eyes, that wouldn't intimidate me if it wasn't for his one arm, one fully operational and the other a stub. He wears all black clothing. Resembling the opposite of the man infront of me, a bigger-builded man, wearing a white suit, with a cigar sticking out from the side of his mouth, is travelling over to a table covered with crisp white cloth, he is also tanned, but with brown eyes and black hair, where as the other does not have hair. He speaks in a foreign language and a young boy, maybe a year or so older than me enters the room and leans his back against the wall nearest the door.

“Take notes, Son.” The man with the cigar sneers.

The young boy has black hair, like his fathers, but light blue eyes that shine clearly. He hangs his head, down towards the floor, looking disgusted at what his father is doing to me.

“Now you're going to talk, even if I have to force you.” He breathes.

The man grips the cloth and yanks it off in one quick flash, right before my very eyes is a full set of guns, of all different shapes and sizes, scattered along the table. I start to feel nervous I might die and there's nothing I can do. My hands start to sweat and for a moment I start to shake a little, very afraid now.

The man laughs as he lifts up a small hand-gun, he flicks the safety off and starts to walk, daringly, towards me. “That...That isn't a toy!” I stutter.

Thoughts flood back in to my mind of how Scott pulled out the knife, I shouted those very same words to him and thing's could of ended very badly if I hadn't of saved him. I can't save myself here.

“You have three seconds to tell me the truth about your little agency.” He snarls as he points the hand-gun towards my head.

“I don't know anything!” I scream.

“One.” The man doesn't listen and begins to count.

“Please! Stop STOP! You've got this all wrong!”

“Two.” He urges.

Why isn't he listening?

I begin to panic and try to struggle as much as I can, but it doesn't work, I am firmly tied to the chair.


Just then the lights black out, so I'm in complete darkness, and two gun shots are fired. For a moment I was sure I was dead, I couldn't feel anything in my body. I feel the straps around my wrists and feet tying me to the chair getting loose. Everything is still pitch black but someone grabs me and lifts me up over their shoulder, at first I struggle.


“We're trying to help you!” Someone muffles.

I still struggle until I find my arms and legs getting weaker, I don't have the strength to struggle any more, so I let this masked person take me where he wants.

His squad of around five people all wearing black with balaclava's over their heads, shoot people as they carry me out in to the vast cold air; forcing me inside a helicopter and strapping me in right before my eyes dim. The surroundings darken and then, nothing.

My eyes start to slowly fade open as the ceiling above me looks distant. There is silence around me, and as I start to slowly get up I acknowledge that I am in a very small square room with only a bed, connected to the outer right wall where I have been laying. It's freezing in this room but I only have my pyjama bottoms on, like when I was taken. I start to remember memories of the previous night, being taken at night and held against my will because I didn't tell these people what they wanted to know about an agency. I quickly jerk my head to the left as I hear a man clearing his throat in the corner.

“Matt Carson.” The man coughs.

I jump up, fists out at the ready, whilst the man holds up his hands and exclaims that he's not going to hurt me. “Do you see me pointing a gun at you?” He pauses. “No, now follow me.” He demands.

I slowly follow him out of the room and in to a narrow corridor, which we travel down until we meet another set of doors. This place reminds me of a hospital, where am I?

“Go into this room, get changed then come back out. Before you can say anything, that's an order.”

I do as the man says. Inside this room (which looks more like a cupboard) is a small seat, a mirror and a box full of clothes, every piece of clothing is black, like the men who rescued me. I reach inside the box and grab plain black jeans, a black belt, and a black fitted long sleeved top. They fit me nicely and as I stare in the mirror I notice my face shows the tired bags from loosing sleep, and my arms show the little patchy dots in places where I was stabbed. What's Vanessa going to think? Maybe those people will go for her too! And where am I being taken?

I step outside the small room, dressed in my new garments. The man smiles with pride as I nervously look up at him. He looks an average height for a man, with very thin arms and legs. He has dirty blonde hair, but in some parts it seems lighter. He also has clear, light blue eyes and a charming smirk that smiles down towards me.

“Follow me please Matt” He instructs.

“Wait! Where are we going?” I ask.

He turns his back on me and starts to pace down the hallway, “Well, do you want to know why you're here or not?”

With that last question I unwillingly follow him through the vast doors and turn. This base looks like a warehouse but bigger, more like a business in my opinion. Men and woman are shifting through papers, walking around, talking on their phones. Not one of them have even the slightest glance to seeing a fifteen year old in such a big place like this.

We continue to walk forwards, the man escorting me doesn't say anything but from time to time I can see his eyes follow on to mine, but he doesn't smirk anymore. His face has gone back to the washed, pale shudder it was before. Finally, after twenty minutes of walking, we reach two black double doors with a golden frame. We walked down many turns and hallways to get here, which seemed to get smaller and smaller as we went, so small that at some points I had to turn to my side, and walk sidewards to reach these doors. The man, who has now taken his eyes off mine completely, turns towards a small handle to the right of the door. He pulls the handle down and leans in the metal compartment, a red laser scans his left eye.

Human Identified

The screen which I can faintly see in front of the man, flashes the words 'Human Identified'. Where ever we are this place must be important. The sleek, black doors open and the man pushes me inside. We're inside what looks like an elevator, but without any buttons, another set of doors are to the left of us. The man walks up to the doors and to the left is a hand print, he puts his hand on the print and waits there for a minute.

Welcome back Will

Another screen flashes 'Welcome back Will', this must be the name of the person escorting me.

“Will?” I ask, less nervous now that I know his name.

“I also go by Agent 8. We have something to ask of you Matt.”

I'm wondering what he means by 'we', but Will pushes me through the doors. When inside, I see a rather large compact room. Along the walls are many different sized screens of people who are all sitting, standing, eating, talking, doing normal things that normal human beings do. In the middle of the room is a large marble dining table, twelve chairs nicely fitted around it. There are no people in this room except for a single man sanding on a higher platform much like a balcony, a fixed stare on a larger screen than the rest which, as Will pushes me towards the stairs to meet this man, shows my house the way it was when I left in the night. Televisions, mirror, gaming consoles, plant vases, all smashed. The screen flickers to an image of Vanessa. She has bags underneath her eyes with a wasted face, rapidly rushing around her room flicking through her wardrobe and flinging her clothes onto the bed.

“Malcolm. He's here.” Will catches the man's attention.

“Ah. Matt! We've been expecting you. I see you've come to terms with Will, one of our specialised agents and the former teachers from your school, Rontell and Richen. They're the best scouts in our business.”

The man, who Will called Malcolm looks older. His skin is sunken, and his black but fading to grey hair is tousled. His piercing grey eyes feed in to mine, like a dirty hound waiting for it's prey.

I knew Mr. Richen was something special, teachers like him do not suddenly appear at my school however, Mr. Rontell is a shock. I'm still confused as to where I am, but everyone keeps using the term 'agent', is this like a governmental agency? What kind of agent do they mean?

“Uh, I would say nice to meet you but let's be honest. This isn't a chance meeting, is it Malcolm?” I grunt.

“No Matt this isn't. Take a seat.” Malcolm gestures to a crisp white sofa, to the right of the screen he was watching Vanessa on.

“Matt. This may be hard to believe, but right now you're inside the W.E.A. The Worldwide Enforcement Agency. Ever heard of the term 'Law Enforcement'? We're like that, but we don't work with the law in any way. Or the government for that matter.”

“Keep talking. After what I've been through I'll believe it so far.” I remark.

So I was right! This is an agency that fights crime. But, why am I here?

“We're not like the movies Matt. You need to understand that if someone wants to kill you (and trust me, there will be plenty of chances) they'll just do it. This is the real world where no one waits five minutes for you to turn around. When they get the chance, they'll kill you.”

I already know all this, what I want to know is who these people are and why they need me. Why have I been taken here?

“Look I already knew that. What I want to know is why I'm here?” I reply, getting slightly annoyed that Malcolm keeps stalling.

Malcolm shifts from his seat to a big, flat-screen Tv, which is still showing Vanessa. She looks half asleep, well, it is the early hours of the morning. Her hair is drooping over her face and out of the bun she has attempted to put it in. Her eyes carry deep, dark rings and her skin looks more pale. She has a suitcase packed now and is rummaging through a few other drawers.

“Vanessa Brown. You of course must know, she's managed to get out of those ropes that they tied around her, that's how we knew you had been taken.”

“Where is she going? Why is she packing a suitcase?” I argue.

“Relax, Matt. Vanessa's position has now been compromised and she will need to be moved elsewhere, she's one of our best agents.”

Agent? Vanessa is an agent too! Everyone told me that she was a friend of my mum's, even my mum had said that!

“Not as good as your mother and father of course.” Malcolm babbles on.

“Wait, wait, wait. My...Mum and Dad?” I stutter, they're agents?

“Matt...” Malcolm taps the flat-screen TV and a face of my mother appears. She looks younger here, with her name, age, height, weight, skills and other details shown around her face on the screen. Malcolm splits the screen in half and brings up a similar file, but of the face of my dad.

“This is why you're here Matt.” Will's cold voice sends chills down my spine.

I almost forgot he was here.

“So tell me. Why am I here?” I ask.

“Daniel and Amanda Carson. Two of our best agents, recently...well, have gone missing. I know this may be a shock to you Matt, but we sent them out to a warehouse a couple of months ago. They've been training for this for the past year, someone or maybe a group have been terrorizing London for months, planting bombs everywhere as you may have heard.”

The only thing racing through my mind is Mum and Dad...missing.

“We sent Amanda and Daniel out on a mission to try and de-code this bomb however, they went into a warehouse underneath the London eye and then...”

“And then?” I urge.

“...Their wireless communicators failed on us. We've not heard from them since. They decoded the bomb, we know that as the London eye did not blow up. We sent a base into the warehouse but there was nothing there. Nothing but a hair pin...Amanda's.”

“Wireless communicators? Maybe it failed because they were underground?” I plead.

“No Matt. I'm sorry but with us we don't make faulty mistakes like that. They would have to be bleeding badly...or...”

“That's enough.” Will speaks up.

Malcolm doesn't take his eyes off me for a second, he's always watching.

“ parents...could be dead...and it's all your fault.” My eyes anger towards Malcolm's.

If this agency had never sent mum and dad on a mission like that then they'd still be here smiling every time they visited, for God's sakes I thought they were on business trips and that's why they couldn't come to see me on my birthday, or even Christmas for one year! Not that they were a part of some agency that no one has even heard off!

“Matt,” Will speaks, “You have to understand that Amanda and Daniel were the best at their jobs, they thought they were ready for this task, please remember that.”

Will seems tough but he has a soft centre underneath.

“I want to go home.” I state through gritted teeth.

“What, home?” Malcolm chuckles, “Of course we can secure a department for you somewhere in order to keep you safe, but you'll never help your parents that way.”

“And how am I supposed to help my parents?”

“Simple, you train with us. Become an agent. You can no longer be Matt Carson, your identity has been compromised, as has Vanessa's. People will try and get to you Matt, in order to get information out of you about this agency. Like the people that took you before. Train with us, for your sake.”

“So you want me to just forget about everything I had?” I bare.

“What did you have Matt?” Malcolm bugs, “It's not really home for you, is it? Not when your parents aren't there. You're their only hope in saving them. Other agents get caught, but not you, you're young.”

I think this over for a moment, maybe these people are right. They seem to be honest with me so far, and my parents haven't been home. I can't believe I've spent my whole life in my own little box, always wondering what it would be like if I took off to see them like Mr. Rontell said, but where would I get? Especially now that I know that they're in trouble. Vanessa's an agent too, this all seems to be so real but everything is going too fast for me yet, at the same time, it's like the whole world speeds up, slows down and stops, all at the same time. One minute I seem to know everything about my miserable life, and just seem to be living it. But then, the next minute everything I thought I knew is nothing but a lie, a fake.

I need to help my parents and it's up to me to save them.

“Okay. I'm in.”