The Rascal’s key 

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A story about a father who died and left his children a weird mystery.  note: the story isnt complete yet . want to read it all follow me here : under the name Truths reflection

Write a will 

Once upon a time in a far off land along the coasts of Pearl beach , lived a very large and admirable family , made of 24 members the mother, the father and their 22 children, they were The Rascals.

Now as you know, some recent studies show that people can feel their death as it dawns closer to them, and that’s exactly what Mr. Rascal felt.

He had a very intense feeling, a feeling that shouted, I am going to die soon, so in case he did die he had to finish off some deed he had and these deeds were :
1- Write a will
2-Split the key
3-Pass out the split pieces

He decided to take the challenges, one by one as to finish the matter at hand.
To start off, he is going to approach his lawyer with the intention of writing his will....

"What?? Your will sir, but why? " said the lawyer in utter shock.

"None of us are immortal and I have aged, which means that my death may be close , so it's better to write off a will than sit down doing nothing. "

"As you wish sir, but what do you want to include in your will? "

"Only this: After all my debt, proven with a written paper signed by me ,are paid , the remainder of my money and property is to be donated to charity, except this key" said Mr. Rascal showing off an old rusty key that was once painted golden to the lawyer .

"That’s all sir? "

"yup, that’s all"

"Well then if you may please sign here and here, and down there, and put your fingerprint here. "

After a few signatures here and there,
"This is what you want? " said Mr. Rascal showing off the paper to his lawyer.

"Yes indeed Thank you. "

"No, thank you so much for helping me get done with this quickly "

"your welcome sir, and I hope to see you soon. " 

Split the Key 

Now we can consider the first part of the list completed , as a result, our list will look like this:
1- Write a will √
2-Split the key
3-Pass out the split pieces .

The second task on the list was to split the key into 22 parts, and he knew no better person to do that other than his old friend Mr. Taymond.

"Hey, old pal" said Mr. Rascal as he entered his friends workshop.
"Oh, hey Jean welcome welcome, long time no see man"

"you too, " said Mr. Rascal
"Ummm... can I ask you for a very tiny favour "

"Sure anything for you dude "

"I want you to split this key into 22 different parts which are all equal in size"

"Only that " said Mr. Taymond smiling " give me the key "
And Mr. Rascal -Jean- indeed gave it to him, and after 15 whole minutes, of talking and running down the memory lane, the key was split successfully .

"Thanks a lot dear friend I really owe you one"
"Don't mention it, what are friends for, if they didn’t help each other " 

Pass out the split pieces 

Now the second element of your list is done so what’s left is
1- Write a will √
2-Split the key√
3-Pass out the split pieces .

"The last one is a real pain, " thought Jean as he read it " but, i'll just have to think hard and find a way to do it " and he sighed.


" Oh honey, you are so late, I was worried sick about you" said the lovely Mrs. Rascal.

"I'm sorry, I just visited some old friends of mine " said Jean preferring not to tell her about that death feeling he had but at the same time not technically lying since he did actually visit his friends.

After they both sat done and dined together, Jean stayed awake to figure out how he was going to pass out the pieces to his children. At about midnight struck him lightning, he will send them as gifts the girls will receive them in a necklace and the boys will receive them in key chains but of course to keep the pieces in good shape, he will put them in some glass containers, and then hang them on either the necklace or the key chain.

The next day, he decided to execute his plan immediately, so he went to the jewellery store and did as planned, and after wrapping them he wrote a letter to each of his children the letters were the same and they stated:

Dear (The name of his kid),

I sent this gift to remind you of me, and to show you how much i love you.
How are you and your family? I hope you are doing well, your mother and I are very well and we miss you so much.

As you can see I enclosed a gift with this letter, please keep this little gift to always remind you of your mother and I.

Finally, stay strong through all the obstacles you face, because in life you take the test and then you learn the lesson, and believe me whatever obstacle your facing it will eventually pass so stay strong.

Hope to see you soon
Your father .